Healthcare and Medical Transportation Services

Healthcare and medical transportation are at the core of our work for Provide A Ride. We operate both wheelchair accessible and standard passenger vehicles. Additionally, we partner with many other service providers.

  • Our experience includes full management of programs including benefit administration and utilization
  • Shuttle programs (both fixed and flexible) frequently prove to be cost effective solutions
  • Provide A Ride operates government medical transportation programs meeting exacting specifications and requirements

Since 1996, Provide A Ride has worked with Medical Managed Care Organizations (MCOs) within the Medicaid and Medicare community.

For almost 20 years, we have operated over a dozen Medicaid and Medicare MCO transportation benefit program giving us the unique perspective of understanding the subtle differences in these populations. Provide A Ride also has a wealth of experience in the complete operation of Medicaid non-emergency medical transportation programs on behalf of local government agencies.

Public Transit Services

With over 15 years’ experience working under contracts with public transit agencies; Provide A Ride has established a track record of consistently exceeding customer expectations. Paratransit program, working with senior communities and persons with disabilities is firmly within our wheelhouse of expertise.

Provide A Ride is a leading provider of paratransit services and is the leading custom-tailored, value focused transportation services provider in the industry.

Provide A Ride has the added privilege of working under contract with award winning small and large urban transit agencies.

Social Service, Vocational, and Student Transportation Programs

Education continues to be one of our nation's greatest assets and Provide A Ride delivers our special needs students to schools throughout the State of Ohio.

Student safety is our number one priority. Our drivers maintain several certifications which require annual renewal. Many of our certification programs take place at Provide A Ride while others are conducted through outside certification organizations.

These organizations set the standard for the certification our drivers hold:

Our fleet of customized vehicles provides both wheelchair and ambulatory transportation while conforming to all Department of Education Student Transportation (ODE) regulations. Provide A Ride is able to accommodate students with service animals, scooters, walkers, crutches, and oversized wheelchairs.

All of our drivers are also checked against Motor Vehicle Reports (MVR) to ensure that we always have the most capable and safe drivers transporting our customers' clients.