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Having operated Paratransit services for the largest public transit agency in Ohio for over 20 years Provide A Ride has established a track record of consistently exceeding customer expectations.

Past accolades and successes however are just that, past. When combining decreased budgets and increased passenger expectations, everyone must do better. New processes, systems, technology and thinking are required.

Over the years, we have grown in size and have improved our service quality to meet the demands of the marketplace and the paratransit industry.

  • Leveraged technology to improve efficiency and control costs
  • Integrated new tools to improve safety and on time performance
  • Adjusted to labor needs in a tighter work force environment

Provide A Ride manages Paratransit trips with the use of highly sophisticated industry leading Paratransit software, RouteMatchâ„¢. Recognized within the paratransit industry as one of the top tier software platforms its benefits include.

  • Accurate Scheduling and Trip Intake
  • Real Time Service Level Monitoring
  • In Vehicle Mobile Devise Management
  • Robust Reporting of Performance Metrics
  • TNC Service Provider Integration

Utilizing this Platform is a team of highly trained, experienced, and professional customer service representative and dispatch representatives charged with handling the full trip request intake process all the way up through service delivery.

As an active provider of Paratransit services Provide A Ride maintains a fleet of both dedicated and non-dedicated vehicles including Wheelchair accessible vehicles, minivans and sedans all of which have been carefully purchased and designed for the provision of Paratransit service.

  • Passenger safety, comfort, and acceptance
  • Minimize down time and maintenance cost
  • Compliance with the Buy America Regulations

As important if not more so than the tools and technology we utilize is the people who are providing service.

Therefore, In all areas of operation, we provide specialty training in order to maintain the superior service that our vast customer base has come to expect, including the transportation of Special Needs passengers.

  • Introduction to Transporting Special Needs passengers
  • Characteristics of Special Needs Passengers
  • Transporting Children with Special Needs
  • Behavior Management Strategies
  • Medically Complex Special Needs Passengers

With more than 22 years of experience built on working for many transit agencies, social agencies, healthcare facilities, private corporations and educational institutions, Provide A Ride is the leading expert in providing medical transportation, including for those with special needs.

Let’s get started.

Offering everything from paratransit to medical transportation, Provide A Ride offers you the services you need when you need them. We look forward to working with you.

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