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Social Service, Vocational, and Student Transportation

Working at the state and local level for various organizations serving students and those with developmental disabilities for over 20 years, Provide A Ride has the knowledge and expertise to meet all social, vocational, and student transportation needs.

Safety is our number one priority.

Our drivers maintain several certifications which require annual renewal. Many of our certification programs take place at Provide A Ride while others are conducted through outside certification organizations.

These organizations set the standard for the certification our drivers hold:

Our fleet of customized vehicles provides both wheelchair and ambulatory transportation while conforming to all Department of Education Student Transportation (ODE) regulations. Provide A Ride is able to accommodate clients with service animals, scooters, walkers, and oversized wheelchairs.

In addition to ensuring safe and reliable transportation Provide A Ride is committed to providing premium customer service. Achieving a high level of customer service requires strong leadership, effective teamwork, and skilled, caring and motivated people on the front line.

Provide A Ride employees are supported by customer-centric processes and standards as well as an intensive customer training program which serves to drive home to our employees the positive differences they can make in the lives of their customers.

  • Recognizing and managing customer expectations
  • The secrets to clear and accurate communication
  • Voice inflection and body language fundamentals
  • Consistently create positive impressions with customers
  • Use positive language strategies to create customer comfort
  • Recognize customer needs and expectations

Supervisors, managers, team leaders and drivers are immersed in the imperative training needed to foster the kind of customer service that our customers have come to expect. Provide A Ride is the foremost leader in building customer and client loyalty and satisfaction.

Let’s get started.

Offering everything from paratransit to medical transportation, Provide A Ride offers you the services you need when you need them. We look forward to working with you.

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