Why Choose Us

Technology Solutions

Call Center

Provide A Ride’s Call Center, located in Cleveland, prides itself on our ability to operate within any time frame our discerning customers require and meet each of their unique needs by building a custom-tailored program to accommodate accordingly.

Utilization of the latest technologies in call center management allows us to optimize our staffing needs with expected call volume as well as proactively react to alterations using our sophisticated real time reporting software.

Our team of Customer Service Representatives has an abundance of tools at their disposal which guarantee efficient call management resulting in:

  • Shorter wait times
  • Reduced abandonment rates
  • Superior client satisfaction
  • Call reporting and tracking system

Dispatch Center

Our Dispatch Center is the backbone of our business. Experienced dispatchers and supervisors are available 24/7/365 and are in constant contact with our fleet drivers, clients, and customers to facilitate a smooth experience for all involved and handle any issue that may arise.

Dispatchers, managing trips that are currently in progress, are equipped with sophisticated software coupled with our cutting edge communication system, including GPS tracking and data sharing, assure quick response time, streamlined transportation transactions, and prompt issue resolution.

Quality Assurance

Client satisfaction and compliance are the focus of our Quality Assurance staff. Using a strong customer survey program and “mystery rider” audits (submitted anonymously) quality assurance is a daily function that touches all aspects of Provide A Ride operations. When passengers express any form of dissatisfaction and/or submit a complaint, it is researched and addressed immediately and appropriate actions taken. Our Quality Assurance functions are constantly measuring and reporting our performance.

Experience shows that when working to ensure the highest level of quality, we truly need to be in every vehicle on every ride to know exactly how we are doing. Sounds impossible, but it isn’t. ALL Provide A Ride vehicles are equipped with on-board cameras that record both video and sound to ensure safe, reliable, and timely transportation.

Fraud, waste, and abuse are critical concerns so we take a proactive approach to combatting fraudulent abuse of our services by verifying customers, monitoring eligibility, confirming appointments, and providing clients with customized travel restrictions.

Additionally We believe that reducing fraudulent use of transportation services is imperative for a healthy and mutually sound program. If fraudulent activity is suspected Provide A Ride adheres to the following communications protocol:

  • Allegations of fraudulent behavior are logged, categorized and scored based on severity in a fraud database.
  • An internal compliance committee reviews each claim, investigates to the fullest extent possible and takes any necessary action.

Compliance and fraud reports are tailored to include the level of detail requested by the customer and request for reports are at the behest of the customer.

Customized Transportation


Provide A Ride facilities are located at 4299 Cranwood Parkway, Cleveland, OH 44128. With fleet and office facilities situated on over 2 acres of light industrial space, we continue to add and build as needed to meet the needs of our customers. The building we occupy is new construction and was built to our specifications. In addition to our offices, we have approximately two acres of outdoor paved parking space for our fleet. The company vehicle parking lot is fenced, well lit, and accessible only through security controlled gates. Security cameras provide additional protection for our staff, facility, and fleet.

In addition to this facility, Provide A Ride has stationed vehicles throughout our extended operating area.

Comprehensive backup systems are in place to guarantee continuity of services. Our facilities are protected with complete building emergency generators as well as redundant telephone service access and full data redundancy and recovery abilities. These systems ensure that our operations never cease.

Brokerage Options

One of Provide A Ride's greatest advantages over its competitors is that, in addition to operating the largest privately owned regional fleet of vehicles that specialize in medical and paratransit transportation programs, we are also the foremost expert manager of the largest and highest quality pool of subcontracted medical transportation providers in the region.

Provide A Ride proudly reserves nearly 1,000,00 rides each year and takes more than 600,000 reservations for its subcontracted vendors' fleets. Provide A Ride leverages its massive fleet to accommodate approximately 40% of the reservations taken in Ohio with its own vehicles.

This unique ability to utilize the two options results in the most economical and optimum cost model possible and is part of the reason that Provide A Ride is able to offer the best service at the lowest cost in the industry. The two systems also provide for optimal dependability.

Having "walked a mile in the shoes" of the provider who is giving the ride to the client allows Provide A Ride to understand the requirements, challenges, and opportunities afforded the subcontracted vendors like no "broker-only" relationship can. This unique insight is also the reason that internal surveys consistently reveal that service providers genuinely like to work for Provide A Ride.

Our Fleet

Our discerning customers have diverse needs which require various sets of tools to fulfill those requirements. Provide A Ride's fleet is just as versatile as our customers' needs, commanding well over 100 vehicles operated by over 200 drivers. We house several classes of vehicles in our premier fleet:

  • Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles
  • Passenger Vehicles
  • Shuttle Buses
  • Public Transit Vehicles
All of our vehicles are ADA compliant and are outfitted with the latest safety products from:
  • Braun - wheelchair lifts, transit vehicles, and wheelchair ramps
  • Mobility Works - adapts our vehicles with additional accessibility to meet all needs
  • Sure-lok - wheelchair restraint system
We keep all of our Ford and Toyota vehicles in impeccable condition in our fully equipped in-house Maintenance Department which employs ASE® Certified Master Mechanics to keep our fleet running smoothly.