Provide A Ride was founded in 1989 by Alan Groedel who recognized the growing need for specialized transportation services that would meet the ever-changing demographic profile of today’s market place.

Building an organization initially focused on the serving the needs of persons with disabilities, Provide A Ride expanded and grew quickly into one of the premier transportation providers in the industry.

  • By 1996 Provide A Ride had become an early innovator working with Ohio based Medicaid Managed Care Organizations (MCOs) as a transportation benefit manager.
  • In 2004, Provide A Ride built its first statewide network of highly credentialed transportation partners.
  • Continued growth allowed Provide A Ride to expand to a fleet of over 100 owned and operated vehicles and 200 employees by 2009.
  • Offering a variety of efficient, effective, and quality services, Provide A Ride’s current customer base is comprised of large successful transit agencies, hospitals, school districts, and insurance enterprises.

Working to always do more than is expected, we have been able to grow and take on work that is more complex and demanding. At the same time we have remained focused on our internal customer - our employees.

Vehicles and equipment can be purchased; however, a team of dedicated drivers and support staff can only be obtained by staying focused on creating a positive work place where people feel that they are valued and treated fairly.

Alan Groedel, Founder and CEO

Executive Team

Provide A Ride's core management team shares a common vision: working to exceed customer expectations and create longstanding relationships. Our managers excel at building rapport with our customers and their clients which is reflected in their professional reputations within the industry.