Transit Software
Provide A Ride utilizes one of the industry's leading Transportation Management Systems (TMS), RouteMatch™, which fully automates:
  • Address Geo-coding
  • Billing
  • Client Management
  • Demand-Response Management
  • Dispatch Management
  • Reporting
  • Routing
  • Scheduling
  • Trip Request

Comprised of multiple software modules for the most efficient and highest quality management of medical transportation, RouteMatch™ is in place at similar locations throughout the United States and continuously iterated upon to keep ahead of the ever-changing transportation industry.

In addition to TMS we also incorporate Integrated Voice Response (IVR) in order to reduce overall cancellations and no shows by placing a reminder call for each client the day before his/her scheduled reservation. The system allows for the client to confirm or cancel his/her appointment and serves as another measure to ensure overall client satisfaction.

Provide A Ride continually integrates custom developed software to assist our customers and vendors.

We are proud to constantly bring unparalleled usability in our custom platforms such as our Provider Portal where our vendors can log in individually to view, modify and export their respectively assigned trips.

The consistent feedback we receive regarding the ease of use and superb quality of our efforts not only increase efficiency but overall satisfaction for all involved.