Provide A Ride's Leadership Team

Provide A Ride's core management team shares a common vision working to exceed customer expectations and create longstanding relationships. Our managers excel at building rapport with our customers and their clients which is reflected in their outspoken reputations within the industry and amongst our selective network of transportation companies.

Using Microsoft® SharePoint® our management team at Provide A Ride is able to effectively and efficiently collaborate on numerous projects concurrently producing quality results and getting answers faster for our customers.

Additionally, our management staff continues to communicate in team building and management seminars as well as the daily experience of simply enjoying lunch together.

Alan Groedel
Founder, President and Chief Executive Officer
Alan Groedel is Provide A Ride's Founder, President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) with direct oversight of the company's strategic direction and vision.

Roy Kornacki
General Manager
Roy Kornacki is Provide A Ride's General Manager with oversight of the entire management team and day-to-day operations

John Zakarowsky
Operations Manager
John has direct oversight of the daily operations of all transportation services.

Angelique Shy
Operations Manager
Angelique Shy serves as the primary dispatch operations manager within Provide A Ride to ensure we exceed expectations.

Jason Kern
Fleet and Safety Manager
Jason Kern manages and leads the Fleet, Safety and Maintenance staff and is responsible for daily operations of all Fleet and Safety related services. Safety is Provide A Ride’s highest priority. Consequently, we have hired and retained the best talent possible to ensure that we operate the safest fleet in the industry. Jason holds ten different and distinguished OSHA certifications in Safety.

Karen Holland
Human Resources Manager
Karen Holland is Provide A Ride's Human Resources Manager with direct oversight of our human resource functions.

David Evans
Training Manager
David Evans serves as Provide A Ride's training manager and has direct oversight and responsibility for its extensive driver credentialing and training programs.