Managed Care Organizations

Provide A Ride has a longstanding history working with Medical Managed Care Organizations (MCOs) within the Medicaid and Medicare community. Provide A Ride began this relationship with the MCO community in 1995 which continues to be an invaluable experience.

Since 2000 we have held over a dozen Medicaid and Medicare contracts which have given us the unique perspective of understanding the subtle differences Medicare products and populations have from other client pools and services.

Our Managed Care expertise encompasses a broad spectrum:

Utilization Management Through Benefit Design

Our objective is to match each rider with a timely, cost efficient and appropriate mode of transportation available. Our gate keeping practices employ numerous technology and techniques such as:
  • Eligibility Verification
  • Assessment of the Need for Service
  • Determination of the Appropriate Form of Transport
  • Maintenance of Rider's Trip History
  • Education to Rider on the Appropriate Use of Transportation Service

Program Compliance With State, MCO And Stakeholder Rules

Call Center And Dispatch Operations

The backbone of our business is our Dispatch department where our Dispatchers are in constant contact with not only Provide A Ride drivers, but clients and customers to help facilitate a smooth experience for all involved.

Our Dispatch department is a 24/7 center with at least one trained supervisor staffed at all times to diligently manage any and all issues that may arise.

We make sure to equip all of our dispatchers with the most sophisticated technologies allowing them to better serve our customers and their clients.

Dual-monitor setups and Inter-tel IP phones coupled with our MITEL CS-5200 back-end give our Dispatch department the advantage of:
  • Quick response time
  • Prompt issue resolution
  • Streamlined transportation transactions

Contracted Transportation Operations Management

  • Complete Control And Tracking For Transportation Providers
  • HIPAA And Confidentiality Provisions and Insurance Requirements
    Notice of Privacy Practices
  • Provisions For Monitoring Of Performance and Payment Terms