Fraud/Abuse and Compliance Programs

Fraud is a constant concern for our customers and at Provide A Ride we pride ourselves on enabling our customers to act.

Provide A Ride's proactive approach to combating fraudulent abuse of transportation begins the moment a client calls where we:
  • Verify member identity prior to reservation entry
  • Continually monitor member eligibility through customer data imports
  • Confirm client appointments with medical providers
  • Reaffirm member credentials at time of transport
  • Customized travel restrictions based on customer requirements
  • Supervisor required approval for over benefit requests

We believe that reducing fraudulent use of transportation services is imperative for a healthy and mutually sound program. If fraudulent activity is suspected Provide A Ride adheres to the following communications protocol:
  • Allegations of fraudulent behavior are logged, categorized and scored based on severity in a fraud database.
  • An internal compliance committee reviews each claim, investigates to the fullest extent possible and takes any necessary action.

Compliance and fraud reports are tailored to include the level of detail requested by the customer and request for reports are at the behest of the customer.