Call Center Management

Provide A Ride prides itself on our ability to operate within any time frame our discerning customers require and meet each of their unique needs by building a custom-tailored program to accommodate accordingly.

Utilization of the latest technologies in call center management allows us to optimize our staffing needs with expected call volume as well as proactively react to alterations using our sophisticated real time reporting software.

Our team of Customer Service Representatives have an abundance of tools at their disposal which guarantee efficient call management resulting in:
  • Shorter wait times
  • Reduced abandonment rates
  • Superior client satisfaction

At the back-end of our call routing system lies a state of the art MITEL CS-5200 enabling Provide A Ride to have fine tuned control and customization in addition to real time reporting.

Client Support Model

Provide A Ride believes that customer satisfaction is the key to keeping our business successful. However, from time to time day of service problems arise that need to be handled immediately.

Provide A Ride employs a team of dispatch operators trained to deal with all concerns that may arise on the day of service.

To better handle any non-standard concern we follow the following process:

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Get the Facts

  1. Review the request and client record
  2. Reference what rules apply
  3. Talk with all individuals concerned
  4. Alert client to your next steps
  5. Ensure you have the full story and the right objective

Weigh the Options

  1. Check practices and policies
  2. Consider the effect on the individual, group or your objective
  3. Fit the facts together
  4. Consider their bearing on one another
  5. What are the possible actions here

Take Action

  1. Are you taking action yourself?
  2. Do you need assistance in taking action?
  3. Should you inform anyone of the steps you are taking?
  4. What is the timing of your steps?
  5. Follow up with the client the actions you took

This process is followed for all real time problem solving situations as we handle the various issues that arise during the course of service delivery. Our team is committed to fixing problems as they occur. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year, our staff responds whenever we become aware of a service related problem.