Brokerage Operations

One of Provide A Ride's greatest advantages over its competitors is that in addition to operating the largest privately owned regional fleet of vehicles that specialize in medical transportation, we are also the foremost expert manager of the largest and highest quality pool of subcontracted medical transportation providers in the region.

Provide A Ride proudly reserves nearly 83,000 rides using its own vehicles each year and takes more than 125,000 reservations for its subcontracted vendors' fleets. Provide A Ride is able to leverage its massive fleet to accommodate approximately 40% of the reservations taken in Ohio with its own vehicles.

This unique ability to utilize the two options results in the most economical and optimum cost model possible and is part of the reason that Provide A Ride is able to offer the best service at the lowest cost in the industry. The two systems also provide for optimal dependability.

Having "walked a mile in the shoes" of the provider who is giving the ride to the client allows Provide A Ride to understand the requirements, challenges, and opportunities afforded the subcontracted vendors like no "broker-only" relationship can. This unique insight is also the reason that internal surveys consistently reveal that service providers genuinely like to work for Provide a Ride, and may explain why our service is consistently unparalleled.